Asesoramiento y dirección de bebés y niños

Based on our pedagogical training, our role consists in managing everything related to the children's audition.

Depending on the characteristics of the project – as each one has its own – we offer a comprehensive and personalized service from the beginning to the end of each project.

  • Advice on talent selection verifying that the evolutionary stage of the children coincides with the requirements of the script.
  • Evaluation of babies' and children's behavior encouraged through games during the stages of casting and callback.
  • Advice on shootings, photography sessions and/or fashion shows schedules, depending on the needs of the script and the characteristics of children.
  • Global Consulting: Everything related to the little stars in order to meet the project's needs.
  • Participation in meetings with agencies and clients.
  • Guidance and counseling for babies and children during shootings/ photography sessions / fashion shows.